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Feed the Bay

fighting hunger by feeding our neighbors


During the 2015-16 school year,  Anchor Bay Schools had 24% of it’s students qualify for the free and reduced lunch program. We want to ensure that these at-risk students have access to food over the weekend so they’ll show up at school on Mondays well nourished and ready to learn.

You can contribute financially, through food donations, or packing nights. 


Mentor an Elementary Schooler



As God has continued to open doors for us to minister to the students, parents and staff of Maconce, one of the biggest opportunities for impact is to be a Maconce Mentor. Many students at Maconce simply need another caring adult in their lives who can invest in them.


Mentorship has many different forms. Maybe you'd like to write a note on special occasions like birthdays or holidays. Or perhaps you'd be able to visit for lunch (weekly, monthly, or as your schedule allows). Whatever the time commitment, you can make a positive impact on a child's life. 


To find out more information about being a Maconce Mentor, email Darlene Nowaczyk.