Student Leadership

Learn to lead, change, and impact the world around you.


The Element Student Leadership Group is a group designed to provide Element students the opportunity to increase leadership development. At The Woods Church, we believe leadership is an essential component to effecting change in communities, schools, and the lives of others. Our mission is to move students into a place of influence in their groups, schools, teams, and families. Motivated by God’s love for them, we want to see students whose hearts are passionate about making an impact. It also exists to create ownership of ESM by speaking into the vision of the ministry as you give feedback, and help plan future events.


We want your involvement in this team to spring from your understanding that God loves you unconditionally and that serving Him isn’t about following a list of rules on a checklist. However, we also believe that the life God has called all of us into is characterized by selflessness, love, and humility. That means you will need to be open to the wisdom and correction of element’s leaders, and realize that leaders will be held to a higher standard.

We are not looking for students that view ESL as an extension of their social life or an event to attend. We are looking for students who are serving in all aspects of their life and who are willing to be spiritual leaders to those around them. We want students who are motivated by the fact that Christ loves us and set the ultimate example of service.


ESL will happen in two semesters (Fall/Winter-Spring). This will give flexibility to those who cannot commit year round, due to extracurricular activities, to be involved. This will also provide us an opportunity to give students an on-ramp during the middle of the year.


There will be a registration cost for each semester ($20-$25) which will include two meetings a month, a t-shirt, and book.


Attendance at scheduled ESL meetings and activities is required for continued participation in the program. Absences must be communicated to Pastor Matt Ciaramitaro. Absences in excess of 3, will result in evaluation of continued participation within ESL.


Each student must be able to provide their own transportation to and from the church. Element staff does not provide transportation.

Application is currently closed.