Celebrating Sak Saum

About the Sak Saum Boutique’s Relocation

March 26th, 2019


Sak Saum is a ministry based in Cambodia, who has been succesfully combating human trafficking for years. Their mission is to advocate for freedom by developing vocational skills and financing independence through the sale of of clothing and accessories.  Since 2015, The Woods Church has a thriving partnership with Sak Saum. From sending two missions teams to Cambodia, to becoming the National Distribution Center in 2016. Since opening, the Sak Saum Distribution and Boutique has shipped product all over the world, and has seen many shoppers come through it’s doors.

In the spring (of 2019), the Founders of Sak Saum, Ginny and Eric Hanson, decided to move Sak Saum Distribution back to it’s original location in Colorado Springs, CO. While they sincerely value the partnership with the people of The Woods Church, they have learned that the taxes in Michigan are significantly higher than the tax structure in Colorado. They found that many of the sales profits were being lost due to taxes, resulting in less income for the men and women in Cambodia. As a registered non-profit in Colorado, Ginny and Eric will have the ability to run the day-to-day operations.

In light of this decision, our Boutique will be closing at the end of April and Distribution will relocate to Colorado Springs in May. There will be two more opportunities to shop the Sak Saum Boutique before it relocates to Colorado this May.  The Sak Saum Boutique will be open Sunday, April 7 from 10:00am - 11:30am and the final day, Sunday, April 28th from 10:00am - 12:30pm.

Even though distribution and the Boutique are relocating, you can continue to support and partner with Sak Saum by hosting a Sak Saum party or event, by shopping and purchasing product from their webstore, or by donating to the outreach mission of Sak Saum.

Thank you to all of you who have supported Sak Saum during our rich partnership. Your purchases have, and will continue to make an incredible difference “For Freedom.” Please be in prayer for a smooth transition for the Hanson’s, for the leadership and staff and for the men, women and children of Sak Saum.

To find out more about partnering, supporting and purchasing Sak Saum products go to www.saksaum.com.

Jess Ciaramitaro