If you consider The Woods Church your home church, it may be time to become a memeber! Everyone who participates in our membership class is able to learn about the history of our church, the details of what we beleive, what membership entails, and then decide if membership is for them.

Membership Is...

  • An expression of your ongoing commitment to The Woods Church.

  • A strong understanding of our church beleifs, values, and practices.

  • Participating in the ministry and mission of Jesus Christ at The Woods Church through generosity, connecting, and serving.

  • Participation in church voting.

  • In some circumstances, a discounted rate for renting facilities and WWCS childcare.


  • Required to attend the church or be involved in it's ministry.

  • A "VIP" group who recieves special treatment or exclusive information.

  • Associated with a cost, automatic tithe, etc.


We offer Membership Classes once a class session at our Warren Campus (Winter, Spring, and Fall). When a class is scheduled it will appear here. If there are none scheduled, click on "Notify Me," to be informed when a new class is added.