we are "plan a"

Wednesdays | 7:00pm | Sept. 19-Oct.10

Teacher: Kyle Schneider

"Evangelism" is a common, misinterpreted, and honestly sometimes an intimidating word in the church. What does it really mean? Come uncover God’s heart and learn simple ways for us to handle our part in His glorious rescue plan. 


Wednesdays | 7:00pm | Oct. 17-Nov. 14

Teacher: Aaron Nitz

Prophesy, and its role in the lives of followers of Jesus Christ, is often misunderstood.  Quite simply, scripture teaches us that prophesy is a gift of the Holy Spirit that we are instructed to encourage others, strengthen and edify others, and to comfort others.  Prophesy is hearing God, and speaking to man.  Through this class, we will explore what prophesy IS, and what it ISN’T.  We will discuss the need and the “why?” of prophesy, and explore together how to better hear from God, and effectively and efficiently share with others the word God gives us.  This will be a practical class with time devoted to listening to God and practicing speaking to others embedded into the weekly class.

propel: conversation series

Wednesdays | 7:00pm | Sept. 19-Nov. 14

Teacher: Margaret Elson

This session of our women's leadership class we have intentional conversations about biblical truth. How it governs our lives and influences our leadership. 

Starting Point: A new belIEver's class

Wednesdays | 7:00pm | Sept. 19-Nov. 14

Teacher: Greg Wright 


Our Starting Point class is for those who are new to the faith or still exploring what it's all about. It's not a teacher giving you information, it's a conversation. It's about being with other people who are also looking for answers.


don't forget to bring the kids!